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From 9-5 to Multiple Passive Income Streams

Do you like the idea of building multiple passive Income Streams to help you pay your bills, escape the 9-5 life, or even become financially free?

Print on Demand is the perfect business model for you as it requires little to no upfront investment and with no risk.

Instead of investing thousands into purchasing and maintaining stock, marketing campaigns or hiring staff, you can start this journey from the comfort of your home with nothing but a laptop and internet connection.

If you need help getting started, I am here to guide you.

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Can I use the bundles commercially?

Yes both the freebies and paid bundles are available for personal AND commercial use as Print on Demand products even if the graphics are not altered.

The only thing you're not allowed to do is re-share or re-sell the graphics as a digital download.

Which file formats do I get?

The file formats are specified in the product description and can vary depending on the Bundle. However most graphics will be available in PNG, SVG and PDF format.

Do these work for all POD products?

My designs and graphics are optimised for t-shirts, but since they come in vector format in most cases you can scale them up to any size necessary and cover large posters, shower curtains, bedding and more.

Any copyright issues?

The designs and assets are all created by me, so you can rest assured you won't into any trouble.